Aluminium Scrap

Aluminium is among the most loved metals because of its toughness, flexibility, and light weight properties. It is used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive construction, packaging, and electronics. This has made aluminum scrap a highly valuable resource in recycling processes.

Scrap aluminum is derived from many sources, including manufacturing waste, demolition and construction waste, as well as end-of-life items like cars, appliances and electronic equipment. Recycling scrap aluminum can bring many benefits like the reduction of energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions , and the conservation of natural resources.

One of the main benefits of recycling aluminum scrap is the significant energy savings potential. Making new aluminium from raw materials takes huge amounts of energy. However, recycling scrap aluminium requires approximately 95 percent less energy. This is due to the fact that melting aluminium scrap is much more energy-efficient than extracting the aluminium from bauxite ore during manufacturing.

Recycling scrap aluminum also reduces carbon dioxide emissions since the manufacturing of new aluminium from raw materials produces large quantities of CO2. Studies have shown that recycling one ton of aluminum scrap can reduce approximately nine tonnes of emissions of CO2. This is a significant amount, diminuting emissions from recycling industry.

Recycling scraps of aluminium can have an additional benefit, in terms of saving natural resources. Aluminum is a non-renewable resource and the production of new aluminum is dependent on the removal of Bauxite Ore that causes negative environmental impacts including soil erosion, deforestation and water pollution. Recycling aluminum scrap decreases the need for new production of aluminium and also reduces negative effects that are associated with mining bauxite.

We at Shalimar Metal Scrap, we are aware of the importance of recycling aluminum scrap. This is why we work to provide our customers with an efficient and reliable service to recycle their aluminium scrap. Our cutting-edge facility is fitted with the latest technology to sort processing, recycling, and sorting the various kinds of aluminium scrap, including casting aluminum, extruded Aluminium mixed aluminum, and extruded aluminium. In addition, all scrap that we receive is recycled in a sustainable manner, cutting our carbon footprint while conserving our natural resources.

In the end aluminum scrap is an essential resource in the recycling industry which can result in substantial energy savings, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and conserving the natural resources. Shalimar Metal Scrap, we urge our customers to reuse scrap aluminum and help contribute to an environmentally sustainable future.

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