Aluminium Scrap

Aluminium is among the most loved metals because of its toughness, flexibility, and light weight properties. It is used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive construction, packaging, and electronics. This has made aluminum scrap a highly valuable resource in recycling processes. Scrap aluminum is derived from many sources, including manufacturing waste, demolition… Continue reading Aluminium Scrap

Old Machinery Scrap

Old machinery scrap refers to old, broken or unusable machine that has ceased to function in its original configuration. Scrap metal of this kind generally consists of components such as aluminum, steel, brass, and copper and is by manufacturing activities as well as demolition or construction operations. Scrap from old machinery may appear as a… Continue reading Old Machinery Scrap

IT Scrap

As technology advances and improves, a growing amount of electronic waste gets generated. Electronic waste, also referred to as”e-waste” refers to any device which has come to the end of its use or is no longer in use. In the current era of rapid technological advancement, this e-waste will accumulate quickly and cause a major… Continue reading IT Scrap

Office Furniture Scrap

If you are looking to update furnishings for your offices, you could be left wondering which furniture to replace your old pieces. If you are replacing chairs, desks or filing cabinets, the most important thing is for the office furniture to end up in a garbage dump. There are plenty of alternatives for properly disposing… Continue reading Office Furniture Scrap

Iron Scrap

Iron scrap is among the most frequently recycled metals in the recycling industry. It plays an important role in the world scrap metal market that is predicted to grow to over $500 billion in 2025. Shalimar Metal Scrap, as a seasoned metal recycling service offers sustainable solutions for companies and those looking to responsible get… Continue reading Iron Scrap

Electronics Scrap

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, electronic gadgets are now an integral element of our lives. From laptops and smart phones to washing machines and refrigerators electronic devices have made our lives easier and more comfortable, however, they come at a price – the production of electronic waste, or electronic waste. Electronic scrap refers… Continue reading Electronics Scrap

Old Air Conditions Scrap

As the world gets more industrialized, the demand for air conditioners will continue to grow. As more people search for ways to cool themselves in the summer the number of air conditioners in use has grown significantly. However, when they get to the expiration date, they can become an issue of environmental pollution. Old scraps… Continue reading Old Air Conditions Scrap

Building Construction Scrap

Building construction scraps, also referred to as construction and demolition (C&D) waste are by-products of the construction, renovation , or demolition of structures and buildings. This can include materials such as bricks, concrete wood, plastics, metals and glass, among other. Construction scrap makes up an enormous portion of the world’s garbage production, but it can… Continue reading Building Construction Scrap

Cable Scrap

 Recycling and Utilizing Your Metal Waste Environmental issues are more relevant than ever in the modern world. People and businesses alike are aware of the importance of recycling materials to decrease waste and protect the environment. Cable scrap, produced by various industries such as construction, telecommunications, electronic equipment, and more. It can be reused in… Continue reading Cable Scrap

Batteries scrap

Batteries are a vital component of our lives driving phones, cars laptops, computers and many other electronic devices. However, their lives are limited , so they must be removed and that’s where battery scraps come in handy! Batteries scrap are batteries that have reached the limit of use and are able to be reused. Recycling… Continue reading Batteries scrap